Toni Navarro
Technical Manager
Valencia Discovery Program
Manuel Ruz
1st Team Scout
Valencia CF
Joe Campos
Technical Director
Eagleclaw Football Club
Joe Campos
Executive Director/Technical Director
Eagleclaw Football Club
Matthew Olson
Director of Coaching
Eagleclaw Football Club

The Valencia Discovery Program is led by a talented staff comprised of coaches and scouts from Valencia CF, along with the leadership of Eagleclaw Football Club. The Technical Manager, Toni Navarro, oversees the VDP, while Lead Scout Manuel Ruz oversees the structure of tryouts, player selection criteria and player selections.  The leadership of Eagleclaw Football Club manages the day-to-day training of VDP teams through Eagleclaw's Curriculum and Training Methodology, which are based on the concepts of Positional Play taught through  a Methodology grounded in rondos and positional games that is aligned with the teaching methods of the Valencia CF youth academy.  Technical Director Joe Campos ensures compliance with VDP's established training methodologies and standards, while Director of Coaching Matthew Olson oversees the management and development of the VDP coaching staff.  Talented Eagleclaw coaches lead VDP teams during the year and interface regularly with the Technical Manager and other coaches and scouts from Valencia CF in a process of continual education, development, monitoring and scouting of VDP players.

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